Top 7 Excel Skills Employers Are Looking for (And How to Master Them While at Home)

Top 7 Excel Skills Employers Are Looking for (And How to Master Them While at Home)
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A big part of any business is keeping up with the latest developments in industry software, making it vital to continue learning new updates to stay ahead of the game. Most companies assume candidates for business roles are fluent in Excel, and you should have the chops to prove them right.

Take your career to new heights and become an expert at these seven sought out Excel skills by learning from the pros with The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle Ft. Alan Jarvis & Chris Dutton.


Vlookup, the king of lookup data retrieval, is one of the most popular functions in Excel. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert business analyst, you’ll want to learn how to dominate your data to pinpoint vital stats fast and effectively. The ability to easily manage this function can be a necessary asset to have in any industry and can prove to be an excellent skill for finding data on the fly. Learn the ins and outs of Vlookup functions through hands-on, contextual examples included in the course bundle.

2. PivotTables

Another vital and powerful tool in the world of Excel is a PivotTable, which is a table of statistics that summarises data in an organised way to further analyse the results. A full course devoted to PivotTables lets you get to know the popular function and starts with familiar topics like slicers and field list options, then dives into more advanced features such as grouping values, defining custom sort lists, and more.


Learning how to implement Excel macros, a set of actions that you can record and run as many times as you want, is a skill employers are always seeking out. Macros help you save time on repetitive tasks involved in data manipulation and reports that are frequently required. In the course, top instructor Alan Jarvis guides you through step-by-step projects that show you how to create macros and use them to automate your work professionally and efficiently.

4. IF Function

One of Excel’s more popular features, the IF function, allows you to make logical comparisons between a value and what you expect. This valuable feature can mean the difference between saving or losing hours while you comb through pages of data. Put your business analyst skills to the test by learning through real-world exercises that allow you to try the IF function for yourself.

5. Data Validation

Employers often want their employees to know hand-in-hand knowledge with data validation – the process of ensuring data has been fine-tuned to provide the highest quality of data present. Applying proper data validation is a vital step since employers have different work styles and want to present the data in their way. A two-hour course will cover the importance of data validation to help you save time and work more efficiently.

6. Graph/Charts

Whether you’re striving to be a business analyst, an auditor, or you simply want to showcase your project findings, you’ll want to have a visual representation. This course bundle will teach you how to work with charts and advanced formatting styles by introducing you to Excel’s distinctive features such as filled maps, dynamic visuals, interactive form controls, and much more. You’ll soon be on your way to creating clear and compelling graphs/charts, interactive reports, and dashboards that make your findings stand out.

7. Proper formatting of data

Learning to format all the data you gather correctly is a skill in itself. You’ll learn step-by-step instructions on how you can streamline and analyse data and keep it organised with lists and tables. You’ll even have the opportunity to go rogue and design your own formula-based formatting rules, bringing a valuable skillset to your next job opportunity.

The Premium A to Z Microsoft Excel Bundle Ft. Alan Jarvis & Chris Dutton is just $49.99. Conquer your fear of numbers and take your professional abilities to the next level.


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