Get Up-to-Date Information On COVID-19 From The WHO Using WhatsApp

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With information changing quickly, it’s hard to find the latest and most up-to-date COVID-19 information. Today, the World Health Organisation announced a new Health Alert system through WhatsApp. The free service is designed to help answer some of the questions the public might have about coronavirus. It’s available 24 hours a day.

To access it you’ll need a WhatsApp account, which is also free.

Within WhatsApp, text the word “Hi” to +41 79 893 1892.

When you do, the service texts back with a few shortcuts for the types of information you can get from it. For instance, texting “1” will give you the latest numbers, while texting “2” or a thumbs-up emoji will give you information about how to protect yourself.

Image: WhatsApp

The service is currently only available in English, but will be available in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish in the coming weeks.


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