Be Mindful About Purchasing WIC Items At The Grocery Store Right Now

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When you’re out grocery shopping right now, you might not have much a choice when it comes to what you’re able to find and buy. That choice is even more limited if you happen to be a person shopping for a family on WIC.

WIC is a Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for women, infants, and children. Its a program specifically for low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and children under the age of five.

A group in Maine pointed out on Twitter that people who are shopping for their families with WIC are restricted in what they are able to buy. The items that qualify for WIC are labelled with a “WIC” typically on the shelf tag. That means that if all the WIC items are gone when they get there, they won’t be able to purchase anything.

If you’re out at the store now, while those shelves are relatively bare, and have the option to choose between two different items on the shelf consider purchasing those non-WIC items instead. Doing so can at least help give people who can only buy those items a fighting chance at getting them.


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