This Tea Bag Hack Changes The Cleaning Game

This Tea Bag Hack Changes The Cleaning Game
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The tea bag has one primary goal in life and we’re all grateful for it — making tea. One lady in the UK, however, has blown everyone’s mind and shown the world how the humble everyday product doubles as an impressive cleaning tool.

A Facebook user by the name of ‘Tuesday Veal’ posted to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group they had accidentally stumbled upon a tea bag cleaning hack too good to be believed. In the post, Veal revealed they’d left a bag of Yorkshire tea in a mug of boiled water and forgotten about it. Once it had cooled down, they then dipped a paper towel in the tea water and used it to scrub the outside of a microwave.

While Veal said it initially looked streaky, the images posted showed the microwave, which had a mirror door finish, ended up looking brand new. You can also use the hack on glass, mirrors and stainless steel.

So, forget about spending dollars on harsh cleaning products, a used tea bag can apparently do the job more than satisfactorily.

What else can I use tea bags for?

But why stop there? Tea bags also have a number of other applications so there’s a good reason not to throw them out immediately after its produced your hot beverage.

After you’ve used a tea bag — sans milk, of course — leave it somewhere to dry and then pop it in your bin, fridge or shoes to remove any bad odours. You can also use tea — peppermint is recommended — to clean down wooden surfaces to remove oil, dirt and grease.

Just remember not to put milk in it or you’ll end up spreading milk everywhere and potentially leave an off-milk smell everywhere. Delightful.

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