Schedule Your PC To Shut Down At A Specific Time With This Windows App

Shutting down or restarting your PC every now and then is a good thing. It can even solve minor performance issues by clearing temporary files and freeing up memory—a classic troubleshooting technique—but many of us neglect this simple act of tech upkeep. It’s a lot easier to put a desktop or laptop to sleep (or hibernation) instead of shutting it down fully.

If turning off your Windows PC has become another neglected chore on your to-do list, then check out Adios—a simple Windows app from developer Dr. Bernd Haendel. It lets you set and forget auto-shutdown timers for your PC, which can make your life a lot easier.

How to use Adios

  1. Download and install Adios using this link.

  2. Open the program (it will auto-run after installation).

  3. Click the “Shutdown” tab.

  4. Select an action to enable—such as shut down, restart, logoff, sleep, hibernate, etc.—from the options on the left side, and then use the arrow buttons to set your timer. You can set the timers to trigger after a specific amount of time, at designated times of the day, or when the PC has been idling for a certain amount of time.

  5. Your PC will automatically shut down or enter the selected mode at the specified time.

In addition to the options under the “Shutdown” tab, Adios also has a “Specials” tab that includes a few other fun functions:

  • Setting time limits for how long the PC can be used each day.

  • Setting “wait for” exceptions for apps that prevent your auto-timers fro triggering while certain apps are open to prevent losing your work.

  • Setting your timers to wait for a specific download link to complete.

You’ll also find a shortcut to your PC’s startup folder in the “Specials” tab, which is where your PC stores apps that are opened every time your computer boots up. Finally, there’s a “Settings” tab for customising the app’s language and various display settings.

You might question whether you really need an app like this when your system’s shut down and restart buttons are easily accessible from the Windows Start menu, but give Adios a try—you might find it’s a lot easier to regularly shut down your PC when you don’t have think about it.

[via gHacks]


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