Pick Your Next Holiday Destination By Climate Using This Tool

Sometimes you just want to go somewhere, anywhere, that might be warm. Other times where you live might be an inferno, and you’d do anything to be somewhere less humid where a jacket is required. No matter what your climate dreams, Nomad List’s Climate Finder can help you find the right spot, or at least offer a little inspiration.

With the tool, you can search for cities by temperature, humidity, rain, and air quality.

To use it, you select the month you want to travel, and then put in a range you’re comfortable with. Using historical data the page will then offer some suggestions of where you might want to consider visiting. You can search by just one criteria, or add a few.

For instance, my search for a warm place, between 25-30 degrees with no rain in January brought up 12 cities around the world. The same search for June brought up 18 different options.

The tool is looking at historical data, so it’s not going to be foolproof. That said, it could be a great place to get a little inspiration for your next trip, especially if you’re looking for somewhere with a particular climate.

The tool was actually designed for people looking to relocate, and could absolutely come in handy then as well.

If you want to get more specific in that holiday-focused search, Escape is another great tool that can help you find places to visit based on the weather. That tool can also give you airfare pricing info based on your exact travel dates and origin.


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