Red Rooster Is Now Selling Chicken Waffle Cones

Social media has been chattering about a new pop-up restaurant in Sydney called ‘The Scarlet Hen’ that specialises in chicken waffle cones. Welp, it turns out that Red Rooster was behind the stunt all along. (The giveaway was in the name.)

Now that the chicken’s out of the bag, Red Rooster is bringing its bold new creation to stores around the country. Here’s how to get your own Chicken Waffle Cone and the different flavours on offer.

This article is sponsored by Red Rooster. Try their new Chicken Waffle Cones ASAP.

On Monday night, attendees at a swanky VIP event got to try Red Rooster’s Chicken Waffle Cones ahead of the general public. The select invitees had no idea Australia’s iconic roast chicken restaurant was behind the new popup.

The menu item is now being offered at Red Rooster stores nationwide. There are two versions of the Chicken Waffle Cone to choose from – BBQ Bacon and Maple Bacon. Both options come with a waffle cone filled with Buttermilk Chicken Pops, but use different sauces. (Barbecue and maple, respectively.)

Pricing varies by region – check the Red Rooster in-store pricing site to find the price at your local store. Needless to say, the Red Rooster Chicken Waffle Cone will only be sticking around for a limited time, so if you’re keen to try one, flock to it!