Red Rooster Reckons Its Rival ‘Popcorn Chicken’ Is The Bomb

Red Rooster Reckons Its Rival ‘Popcorn Chicken’ Is The Bomb
Image: Red Rooster

So here’s a thing. Last week we ran a story about KFC selling 80 pieces of Popcorn Chicken for $9.95. A ‘reader’ comment soon popped up telling everyone to buy Red Rooster’s Buttermilk Chicken Pops instead. Guess who the commenter turned out to be?

Let the deep-fried cockfight commence!

Here’s the comment that appeared on our KFC deals post:

Pfft! guys, the #AussieLegends @ Red Rooster are already doing this! (and it’s a normal menu item)

Go in restaurant or order delivery on and you can get almost 100* of our moreish Buttermilk Chicken pops in a large size for just $9.99!

(Personally I think our pops are more delish too!)

#justsayin #nowTHATS’adeal

*And yes, we went to the trouble of counting them!

At first we thought this comment was from an overzealous Red Rooster kitchen hand or maybe a social media minion with too much time on their hands. Nope. Turns out it was Red Rooster’s national publicist. As in, the person who runs PR for the whole country,

We contacted them about the cheeky comment hijacking and received the following statement from a ‘spokerooster’:

“We are biased of course be we’ve gotta say that our Red Rooster Buttermilk Chicken Pops are the bomb! Dangerously addictive and very moreish, our Pops are the ultimate bites of chicken coated in an irresistible buttermilk crumb. Just $9.99 for a large, which equates to almost 100 pops at roughly 9c each. We know because we tipped them out of the box and counted them on their way to into our bellies! Then ate them. All. And that’s not a limited time offer. It’s the way it is… All day erryday.”

Our chief takeaway from this is that the Russians have nothing on Red Rooster when it comes to online meddling.

Kidding aside, we’re keen to hear what you guys think of the rival product. (I personally haven’t tried them.) Is Red Rooster’s crowing justified or is it talking bollocks? Let us know in the comments.

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