How To Get Free Chips From Red Rooster This Weekend

Frying potato is an ingenious process that delivers one of life’s best treats — hot chips. Knowing full well our addiction to the fried fingers of potato, Red Rooster is fueling your raven bellies and giving away a free packet of regular chips.

The roast chicken takeaway outlet posted to social media to let everyone know its plans to give away free regular chips this Saturday 29 February. There’s no catch, just rock up and ask for a free packet and ye shall receive.

So, why the free chips all of a sudden? The outlet says it wanted to celebrate the Leap Year and this Saturday conveniently lines up with February 29.

“We want to shout everyone a free Regular chips to celebrate the extra day in 2020! Leap Day Chip Day!” a Red Rooster press release read.

“It’s going to be a fun day — and we want to celebrate our customers and our legendary chips.”

To get your own piece of potato goodness, however, you’ll need to head to a real store, not a stadium. You’ll also need to pace yourself because there’s a limit of one freebie.

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