Increase Your Productivity By Listening To White Noise While You Work

Working in an office can often be a distracting experience, so distracting that the mindless chatter around you ends up making your productivity take a hit.

One of the easiest ways to eliminate those distractions, at least a few of them, is to throw on a pair of headphones. However, if you’re like me, listening to music can often be just as distracting as listening to my coworker talk about their hot date last night. is a website with white noise options that can help you drown out the play-by-play with the sound of waves, rain, or a forest. You can also tweak that white noise to be just what you want it to be.

Clicking the menu on the top right side of the site will open up a page where you can customise a specific white noise mix for yourself. For instance, you can have water with just a little bit of crickets in the background. Or perfect the mix of rain and birds.

You can also just listen to any white noise and get a similar effect. I have a rainstorm downloaded onto my smartphone for just such an occasion, and most streaming services, as well as YouTube, have some sort of white noise option you can try.

If you’re in an office that has those blocked; however, then can be a great web-based alternative.


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