Easily Record Your Computer Screen With This Free Website

I live across the country from my family, which amongst other things, has made my ability to provide tech support for my parents and miscellaneous friends a bit complicated. A few years ago I started recording my screen to explain how to do some more complicated tasks. This week I came across a tool that makes recording your screen insanely easy: Scrnrcrd.

Unlike a lot of other screen recording tools that require a download, the screen recorder works directly in your browser. All you have to do to record is to launch the site and press the record button.

Like many other screen recorders, you can choose to record your entire desktop, a single application or a single Chrome tab.

When you do, the site starts recording whatever you’ve chosen. To stop it, you go back to the Scrnrcrd tab on your computer and press stop. That’s it.

Your recording is instantly available to download onto your computer after which you do things like email it to your curious parents or upload it to YouTube.

It’s super simple, and if you need to make an audio-free recording in a pitch it can be a great tool to have in your back pocket.


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