How To Find All Flight Departures From An Airport

How To Find All Flight Departures From An Airport
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When you book a flight through travel booking sites such as Vayama or Google Flights, you hope you’re getting the best deal. But here’s the catch: Many low-cost airlines prevent their flights from showing up on some of these third-party travel websites.

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This means you could be losing out on a cheaper option — or just a destination you’d prefer to go if it were an available option.

If you want a chance to view all local departures, try using — a website that compiles direct flights departing from all over the world.

By selecting an airport, you can check every departure flight leaving there on a given day (and up to nine months from now); it’s especially useful when booking from obscure destinations that rely on regional airlines, as recommended in a recent Recomendo newsletter.

Using last week to find tickets from Hagfors, Sweden, for example, brought up two results by a regional airline departing on July 1. Meanwhile, a search via Google Flights for the same date came up empty.” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot:

Part of its appeal is that it just makes trips easier to plan; you see the departure times of every non-stop flight in a list and without sponsored ads. If you want to leave at a particular time of day and don’t have a destination in mind, is also a useful tool as it organises its entire list based on departure times.

On the other hand, for as helpful as it is, doesn’t account for fare pricing. So be sure to compare your results to those you find on other sites. (Skyscanner is another good resource, though they have ads.)” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot:

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