Netflix Is Deleting A Bunch Of Your Favourites This Month

By now, Netflix customers are accustomed to TV shows and movies disappearing from the service each month. But it still packs a sting – especially when a beloved favourite gets the chop.

Here’s everything leaving in June, including Love Actually, Shameless, About A Boy, Paul and The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. Watch them while you still can!

The following list – which comes courtesy of New On Netflix – consist of movies and TV shows that Netflix pays a licencing fee for. We’ve included the expiration dates so you know precisely how long you have to watch them and trailers to our personal recommendations.

Movies leaving Netflix in June

In June, you will need to part ways with several critically-acclaimed films and cult classics, including Love Actually, About A Boy, American Graffiti, Scent Of A Woman and the Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedy Paul. Read on for the full list (so far.)

About A Boy – June 6

Hip, irresponsible Londoner Will invents an imaginary son and starts attending single-parent meetings to find available women.

Balto – June 6

Balto, who is half wolf and half dog, endures the taunts of disapproving humans as he guides a precious cargo of medicine through the Alaskan winter.

American Graffiti – June 6

In this amiable comedy, a retired sports hero and his nerdy younger brother face off on the gridiron by coaching competing junior football teams.

The Change-Up – June 6

A playboy and a family man are best buddies who want each other’s life — and they get the chance when they swap bodies after a night of partying.

Love Actually – June 6

In the postapocalyptic future, a tragedy leads Martin to seek out his old mentor, Mister, to get revenge against the new leader of a vampire army.

The Holiday – June 6

Stuck in a vicious cycle of dead-end relationships with two-timing men, Los Angeles resident Amanda and Londoner Iris decide to swap homes.

One Missed Call – June 6

When four of her friends are killed after receiving chilling voicemails from the future detailing their deaths, a college co-ed calls the police.

Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid – June 6

Hired to bring some law and order to the Wild West, Sheriff Pat Garrett goes on the hunt for his onetime buddy, Billy the Kid.

Paul – June 6

Two sci-fi freaks on a quest to discover what lies at the heart of Nevada’s infamous Area 51 cross paths with an alien on the run.

Scent Of A Woman – June 6

Hoping to earn some cash during the Thanksgiving holiday, a poor prep-school student agrees to look after a blind and cantankerous retired colonel.

Synchronicity – June 8

A physicist tries to stop a mysterious woman from stealing his coveted invention by traveling back in time, where he uncovers surprising truths.

Viral – June 11

Two quick-witted teen sisters find themselves trapped at home when parasitic worms plague their sleepy town and threaten to take over their bodies.

Race – June 11

At the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Hitler wanted to show the supremacy of the Aryan race, but African American athlete Jesse Owens would prove him wrong.

TV Shows Leaving Netflix In June

Throughout June, Netflix Australia is set to delete at least 46 TV shows. But to be brutally honest, most of them are garbage. The only casualties of any note are The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air (mainly for the theme tune), and the comedy-drama Shameless starring William H Macy. Your kids may also be dismayed by the removal of Octonauts.

There are also some obscure series that might be worth a watch including the Martian vs Earthling high-tech anime Aldnoah.Zero and Korean crime drama Gab-Dong. Otherwise, we’re mainly losing reality TV and cheap documentaries.

Here’s the full list:

  • The Fashion Fund – June 13
  • The Art Of… – June 13
  • Martha Bakes – June 13
  • The Hairy Bikers’ Asian Adventure – June 13
  • After the Raves – June 14
  • Canimals – June 14
  • The Horn – June 14
  • Liquid Science – June 14
  • The Road Trick – June 14
  • Social Fabric – June 14
  • Screenland – June 14
  • Lets Eat – June 16
  • Lets Eat 2 – June 16
  • Bad Guys – June 17
  • A Gentleman’s Dignity – June 17
  • In Need of Romance – June 17
  • In Need of Romance 2 – June 17
  • In Need of Romance 3 – June 17
  • It’s Okay, That’s Love – June 17
  • Mi-saenng, Incomplete Life – June 17
  • Reply 1994 – June 17
  • Reply 1997 – June 17
  • Deals In The Desert – June 23
  • Doomsday Bunkers – June 23
  • Partners In Crime – June 23
  • Age Gap Love – June 26
  • Gon – June 26
  • Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords – June 26
  • The Ugly Face of Beauty – June 26
  • Aldnoah.Zero – June 30
  • Beauty And The Beach – June 30
  • The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air – June 30
  • Grami’s Circus Show – June 30
  • Gab-Dong – June 30
  • Green Wing – June 30
  • I Am Innocent – June 30
  • Inside the Mind of a Serial Killer – June 30
  • Love Your Garden – June 30
  • Mary Portas: Secret Shopper – June 30
  • Miami SWAT – June 30
  • Nine Nine Time Travels – June 30
  • Octonauts – June 30
  • Oh My Ghost – June 30
  • Shameless – June 30
  • Tattoo Tales – June 30
  • Toast Of London – June 30

Naturally, there are a bunch of brand-new movies and TV shows coming to the service in June – click here for the full list!

[Via New On Netflix]

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