Winter Deals: Best Cheap Heaters And Electric Blankets

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With the nights getting colder, it’s time to start looking for some low-cost ways to keep your home and bed a little warmer. There are lots of great deals around for to help keep the winter at bay. Here are just a few we’ve picked out, with discounts of up to $270!

The following deals all come from Catch and eBay. You can save up to $270 and even score free shipping. Simply click on the product title to get the deal. (Note: Some deals require a special discount code. We have indicated which ones below.)

[referenced url=”” thumb=”” title=”How To Effectively Layer Up And Stay Warm This Winter” excerpt=”Even in sunny Australia, winter can be cold to the point of cruelty. You don’t need a big, heavy, puffy coat to stay warm and toasty though. Here’s how to layer up for comfortable, effective (and stylish) warmth.”]

3000W Electric Industrial Fan Heater

Regular price: $199.95
Discounted Price: $80.95

Whether it’s to dry wet carpet or keep things warm outside, this blower heater will help keep you warm and dry.

Spector 2200W Electric Ceramic Tower Fan Heater

Regular price: $359.70
Discounted Price: $89

If you’re looking for a small and inexpensive heater with a remote control and oscillating fans, this little beauty will hit the spot.

Dimplex Pillow Top Fitted Electric Blanket

Regular price: from $109.95 Discounted Price: Save 20% with code ‘PYLON’

In single, queen and king sizes, this electric blanket will help take the chill off when you slip under the covers.

Electric Heated Blanket

Regular price: $25.99

Here’s a low-cost way to stay warm when you’re snuggled on the couch or when you just need to add an extra layer when the temperature dips below your comfort zone.

Levante 1000W Panel Heater

Regular price: $149
Discounted Price: $78

Levante’s Panel Heater features a virtually silent operation, with no fans, thermostat control for the perfect temperature, an option to fix it to a wall or move around on castors.

1500W Electric Fire Heater

Regular price: $249.95
Discounted Price: $127

Designed with real fire heaters in mind, it boasts a log wood fire inspired look complete with real coal effect. It features two heat settings with overheat protection.

Devanti 3200W Electric Radiant Strip Patio Heater Panel

Regular price: $249
Discounted Price: $149.95

This Infrared Panel Heater is odour-free with up to 95% of the energy generated converted to useful heat. It also has an IP65 rating that makes it perfect for outdoor and indoor use and be wall or ceiling mounted.

Goldair Fitted Single Bed Electric Blanket

Regular price: $89
Discounted Price: $27

An electric blanket with a built in mattress protector – just what winter ordered. Featuring 3 heat settings, a fitted design, detachable controller and machine washable cover, put an end to sleepless nights and the dreary thought of freezing sheets before bedtime.

Sunbeam Queen Sleep Perfect Fitted Electric Blanket

Regular price: $199
Discounted Price: $141

This non-woven polyester electric blanket has a 10-minute heat up for fast-acting comfort. and boasts a 50cm fully-fitted skirt so it won’t move around if you toss and turn.


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