A Non-Geek’s Guide To Reading Comics

So you want to get into comics, but don’t know where to start? Join the club. We recently stepped into a real live comic book shop in a bid to get educated.

Should you buy a volume, or an omnibus? Should you check out a classic superhero starting from the very first issue? What can you read if you don’t even like superheroes? Are “graphic novels” inherently cooler?

Well these are all valid questions, dear comic novice, so our very own Lifehacker geek (and video producer) Abu Zafar went straight to the source: a real live comic book shop.

At Anyone Comics in Brooklyn, owner Dimitrios Fragiskatos, explains the difference between an issue and a volume, how to start in the middle of a 50-year-old series, and more. He also offers a few recommendations for some new releases even non-aficionados like you should check out.


  • The US version of this article actually has the video. Would have been nice to include that here too.

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