How To Prevent Snake Bites In Pets This Summer

How To Prevent Snake Bites In Pets This Summer
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The number of pets being bitten is on the rise. While we are able to call for help, our pets aren’t so lucky, and bites often lead to death.

But there are steps you can take to help reduce the risk, whilst protecting our wildlife.

Keeping pets on leashes, and being vigilant with snake-proofing your home is important during these hot months.

Here are some simple steps to help prevent snake bites, courtesy of Pet Insurance Australia:

  • Keep your pet on leash when walking through bushlands or long grass
  • Keep lawns and grass short
  • Keep rubbish to a bare minimum around the block
  • Move woodpiles away from dog areas
  • Check for snakes and skins
  • Keep dog areas free from ‘hiding’ areas
  • Leave water features empty around this time of year
  • Do not let your dog off leash in high-risk areas such as bushland
  • Consider keeping cats indoors during these months

Snakes tend to be more active during early morning and late afternoon, when most people take their dog for a walk before and after work. If your dog is the curious type that pounces through the bushes and long grass try and catch them before they pounce, if you know your dog well enough you will pick up on this behaviour straight away, go and have a look at what has their attention.

If you suspect your pet has been bitten take them immediately to the closest emergency veterinary clinic for treatment.

And if you believe you have a snake on your property, call in the experts – WIRES is great. They can help you track down the snake and will also provide you with ample information to keep your pet safe. They will also know if you have a snake problem in your area and other things to be aware of.

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