Were Your Photos Exposed By Facebook’s Latest Bug? Find Out Here

Were Your Photos Exposed By Facebook’s Latest Bug? Find Out Here

On Friday, Facebook disclosed that a bug had exposed photos that were uploaded to the social network.

The bug was an issue with Facebook’s photo API and granted third-party apps access to photos that they normally wouldn’t have had access to. Specifically, most third-party apps are only granted access to photos you upload to your timeline, but the bug also gave them access to photos you might have shared via Facebook Stories or Marketplace.

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Let’s talk about that elephant in the room: Facebook’s recent disclosure that attackers got their hands on access tokens for an unknown number of Facebook accounts is a big deal, since it’s the kind of hack that you, a happy Facebook user, could not prevent.

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The bug was only around for around two weeks but impacted 6.8 million people on the service and up to 1,500 apps that were built by 876 developers.

While this isn’t quite as bad as having your credit card information stolen, it’s not ideal, and it impacted a ton of people.

If you’re curious if you were one, Facebook has created a page users can go to and see if their pictures were exposed.

ImageScreenshot: Facebook

To check your account, click here while you’re logged into your account. If you were impacted (luckily I wasn’t the time!) you’ll see instructions on that page for what to do.