11 Award-Winning Android Games You Can Play For Free

Itching for some games to play for your phone and don’t feel like spending a cent? Here’s ten of the top free games available on Android right now.


The premier digital card game, Hearthstone has you engage in one-on-one battles in the Warcraft universe against real and AI opponents. Regular content updates add new cards to add variety to your decks and new challenges to overcome.

Available on the Google Play Store.


How well can your friends work together to overcome disaster? Not at all? Perfect! Spaceteam is a chaotic disaster simulator that has teams of two to eight people shouting technobabble at each other.

Available on the Google Play Store.


A frantic twin-stick shooter that has you blasting waves of enemies as you deftly try to dodge their attacks.

Available on the Google Play Store.


This puzzle platform has you rearranging pipes to fill reservoirs and avoid droughts as charming music plays.

Available on the Google Play Store.

Pokemon Go

Run around your neighbourhood in search of Pokemon. Significant updates have improved the game since it took the world by storm two years ago, adding legendary pokemon and other features.

Available on the Google Play Store.

Clash Royale

Build a small army to send waves of minions at your enemy’s base while defending your own. This highly competitive game will push you towards in-game purchases to improve your chances of success, so be wary.

Available on the Google Play Store.

[referenced url=”https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2016/07/how-free-to-play-games-likepokmon-go-actually-make-money/” thumb=”https://img.youtube.com/vi/fKK9nVLvhGM/0.jpg” title=”How Free-to-Play Games Like Pokemon GO Actually Make Money” excerpt=”Many of the world’s most popular games are free-to-play, yet they still manage to make a lot of money. Here’s a simple explanation of how they work, and why they’re able to get people to for over their cash for something that’s technically 100 per cent free.”]

Plague Inc

Ever wanted to wipe out humanity? Plague Inc has you trying to spread a virus across the world as humanity does its best to hold on against your rampaging disease.

Available on the Google Play Store.

PUBG Mobile

Be the sole survivor in the global phenomenon Battle Royale game. PUBG Mobile takes the high-stakes shooting action on to your phone so that you can play anywhere.

Available on the Google Play Store.

Beat Street

A love letter to 90s beat-em-ups, Beat Street has you clobbering your way through gangs on the streets of Tokyo.

Available on the Google Play Store.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius takes the classic Final Fantasy gameplay and makes it available, for free, on your phone. Take part in epic battles as you progress through the game’s story.

Available on the Google Play Store.

Pac-Man 256

Chomp power pellets and avoid ghosts in this re-imagining of classic Pac-Man gameplay that involves a new enemy: The glitch.

Available on the Google Play Store.


Even if you’ve never played a video game before, you’ve doubtlessly heard of Fortnite. It’s currently the biggest entertainment product out there and you can finally play it on Android – completely free. (Click here to see if your phone is compatible.)

Available direct from Epic Games.

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