Planhacker: Best NBN 100 Plans [Updated]

Planhacker: Best NBN 100 Plans [Updated]
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Last month the ACCC released its second report on real-world NBN speeds, and the results are good. Well, pretty good; and it’s clear that some providers are doing a better job of maintaining average speeds than others.

ACCC NBN Report: Some Customers Receive Half The Speed They Pay For

The ACCC's second Measuring Broadband Australia is out and there's some damning news for a large slab of customers. 7.4% of customers are only receiving speeds that are half of what they're paying for. And just seven in ten NBN customers received 90% of their maximum plan speed.

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Aussie Broadband comes out on top in this report, delivering peak-time speeds of 88.3% of plan maximums. TPG is next in line, with iiNet and Optus following closely behind – all between 83% and 86% of maximum speeds in the evening. Telstra and MyRepublic are also listed, achieving average speeds of 79.9% and 74.4% of the plan maximums respectively.

These speed reports are still fairly new, so it will be interesting how these numbers evolve, as more providers are included, but in general these results are encouraging. If, on average, you can get between 80 – 90Mbps during peak times, you’re probably having a good time online.

So, let’s take a look at how these providers price Premium speed NBN 100.

And because Telstra doesn’t advertise the price of NBN 100 plans, here are its NBN 50 plans instead. Once you sign up for one of these plans you can ask Telstra to line-test your address and upgrade your plan if you can achieve a decent speed.

Given that a ‘cheap’ no-frills NBN plan costs about $60 per month, you will pay a bit extra for the 100Mbps speed. But thanks to the ACCC you will at least know the sort of performance you should expect so that you can figure out whether the extra is worth it for you.

Below are a few more NBN 100 plans from providers other than those named in the ACCC report. In general, the pricing is pretty similar in this speed tier, although there are a few special promotional prices sprinkled throughout.

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