Nonbinary People Share Their Advice On Coming Out

Video: Everyone has a different coming out experience. While there's no perfect "how-to" guide for announcing your sexual orientation or gender identity, we spoke to some members of the nonbinary community to share their advice and experiences.

One of the common themes we heard is that research is key. We hope that this video will be valuable for someone figuring our their own gender identity, trying to start the conversation with loved ones, or determining what terms apply to themselves.


    What you identify as doesn’t really matter unless you want to have kids.

    What I don’t get is the implied need to announce your sexuality; which is limited to non-straight orientations.

    Announcing it is a weird way of highlighting difference from the norm; when all sexualities are normal, and in my opinion at least, nobody else’s business.

    Still...different strokes for different folks.

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