How To Privately Play WhatsApp Voice Messages 

WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging platform that you can use to send messages, voice notes and photos to your friends; ring them up for a quick video call; or send secrets.

Image: Webster 2703 via Pixabay

If you're a WhatsApp user, you're also probably familiar with its not-so-private audio message feature. If your friends use it, and you don't have headphones, your device is going to blast audio messages you play out of its speakers for everyone around you to hear.

Though you won't find a button in WhatsApp that lets you switch between your phone's speaker (for phone calls) or speakers (for rocking out), there's a quick little trick you can use to make these audio messages a lot more private.

When you receive a voice message, tap on it as you normally would to get it playing. As soon as it starts, hold your phone up to your ear - immediately. The app should be able to detect that your noggin is against your device, and it will automatically switch to playing the recorded message through your device's internal speaker. That's the one you use when you make a typical phone call.

And it almost goes without saying, but you can always use your headphones, too. Make sure they're plugged in before you fire up an audio message and your no-longer-careless whispers will always play through them instead of your device's primary speakers.


    Interesting fact, I was in Buenos Aires not too long ago. It seems the common way of communicating through a phone is voice messages on Whatsapp. I was constantly noticing people listening to messages, recording voice messages the way people in Australia send text messages. I asked some ex pat friends there and they all confirmed it's the norm. They all also thought it was kind of strange. You'd see people constantly holding their phone in front of them talking into the mic.
    There's nothing wrong with that, just different.

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