How To Play Facebook Messenger’s Hidden ‘World Cup’ Soccer Games

How To Play Facebook Messenger’s Hidden ‘World Cup’ Soccer Games
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In celebration of the 2018 World Cup, Facebook has released a colourful new squad of soccer games and bonus features on its Messenger app. If you’ve got time to kill in-between World Cup matches, here’s how to access them on your phone!

With football fever kicking off around the globe, Facebook Messenger is getting in on the action with a brace of new World Cup themed features and hidden games. Here are four you can access right now.

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Keepie Uppie: World Cup Edition

Keepie Uppie involves tapping an onscreen ball to keep it in the air – the longer it stays airborne, the higher the score. To celebrate the World Cup, Keepie Uppie now lets you compete as the country of your choice (even if they aren’t officially competing in the World Cup.)

To play Keepie Uppie, open the Facebook emoji window, tap on the soccer ball emoji and send it to a friend. Then tap on the ball in your message and the game will show up. (Remember to send your nominated flag too!)

Fantasy Sports: World Cup Edition

Facebook Messenger’s popular Fantasy Sports game now comes with World Cup contests. Select a five-person squad of the world’s elite football players and challenge your friends or a random player.

To play Fantasy Sports, go to the games tab on Messenger and search for ‘Fantasy Sports by theScore’.

Play Golden Boot: World Cup Edition

Golden Boot is a penalty shootout game. (Yes, we know penalty shootouts are the worst part of the World Cup, but bear with us.) The World Cup Edition of the game lets you play in one of Russia’s cities.

To play Golden Boot, go to the games tab on Messenger and search for ‘Golden Boot’.

Ronaldo Kick’n’Run

Ronaldo Kick’n’Run is an all-new Facebook Messenger game that puts you in the shoes of Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The key to success is to avoid the 3D obstacles and tackles from rival defenders. The game also boasts a two-player mode that lets you compete against a friend during video chat.

To get the game, go to the games tab on Messenger and search for ‘KicknRun’.

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