Hump Day Deals: 90% Off Tech, $500 Off Galaxy S9, Hungry Jack’s Vouchers

Hump Day Deals: 90% Off Tech, $500 Off Galaxy S9, Hungry Jack’s Vouchers

Welcome to Wednesday! Get over the hump with some retail therapy. Here are some of the best deals we’ve spotted today, including: get $500 off Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone, Hungry Jack’s Vouchers, PC games sale and heaps more!


  • Fanatical is in the midst of a May Madness sale with up to 90% off PC games. Click here to start browsing!
  • This week’s Humble Bundle focuses on multiplayer games. Pay what you want and save over $100. Click here!
  • Got a PlayStation 4 and some cash to burn? Sony has reduced the price of a bunch of PS4 games to under $30. There are some bona fide classics here spanning most genres. Check out the full list here!
  • Steam has a bunch of deals as part of its ‘Midweek Madness’ sale.
  • Udemy is offering 122 online courses for free. Click here to see the full list.
  • If your town is NBN ready and the service is actually delivering on speed and reliability, it pays to stump up for an unlimited data plan. Here are the cheapest Unlimited NBN options


  • eBay is once again offering 20% off selected tech products. This week’s participating stores include Allphones, Futu, GraysOnline, PC Byte and Sony. To get the deal, use the discount code ‘PASSWORD’. Click here!
  • Daily deals site Catch has knocked up to 90% off everything on the site. There are hundreds of electronics, groceries, toys, books and household appliances to choose from. Click here to start browsing!
  • Sony is selling the 70-inch X67E 4K HDR Smart TV with ClearAudio+ for $1998 – a cool $1200 off the RRP! Click here for more SonyTV deals!
  • PC Byte has Samsung’s 128GB Evo+ Micro SD Cards for under $55 when you use the discount code ‘PROTOTYPE’. (These are for smartphones, but you can easly use them in cameras and camcorders with the included card adpator.) Click here!
  • Kogan’s Frenzy sale is still going strong. You can currently score up to 60 per cent off across all categories, including TVs, smartphones and air conditioners. Click here!
  • JB Hi-Fi’s Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone deal just got even better. Previously $799, you can now snap it up for $699 outright – a massive $500 off the RRP. There’s a rather large catch though. To get the deal, you need to port your number across to Telstra on a $49 BYO SIM only plan. On the plus side, the plan comes with 25GB of data per month, which is amazing for a sub-$50 Telstra plan. Details here.
  • JB Hi-Fi is having a sale on HP laptops. Save up to $300 on the sticker price. Click here!
  • Sony is in the midst of a clearance sale, offering big discounts on TVs, cameras, headphones, Playstation 4 consoles and more. Click here to start browsing.



  • Here’s a list of eBay’s Daily Deals.
  • Here’s an odd little deal for lovers of vampires, werewolves and er, mermaids. The Paranormal 13 ebook set features 13 full-length urban fantasy novels and it’s currently free on Amazon. That’s 3,500 pages of spooky prose for nada! Click here to get the deal.
  • Big W currently has Pyrex containers at 30 per cent off. Not too shabby! The deal also includes Pyrex knives. I didn’t even know Pyrex made knives, but there you go. Click here to see the range.
  • eBay has knocked 20% off selected toys, including popular brands like Lego, Nerf, Star Wars and Barbie. Click here!
  • Amazon is still offering 20 bucks off all items sold and shipped by Amazon. The catch is that you need to be a new customer and spend a minimum of $79. Click here!
  • Humble Bundle is having an e-book sale on cosplay books.
  • OzBargain regular PJC has assembled a list of 41 discounted Tissot watches. Save up to 67%! Click here!
  • The Book Depository has slashed hundreds of great books by up to 80%. All books come with free delivery worldwide. Click here to see what’s on offer.
  • Old faithful Lovehoney is having a 70% off sale. Ooh-er! Etc.


  • Just a quick one on the JB HiFi Samsung S9 deal (grabbed it 3 weeks ago when it was around), you sign on for Telstras $60 plan, with 15 Gb of data.

    JB has their own bonuses, which drop the cost $10/month, and add 10 Gb of data to change it to the deal you get. Confirmed earlier this week that its for the life of the plan, and not some 12 month bait and switch.

    If you’re in the market for a new phone (as I was), I haven’t seen anything that gets close to that combo.

    • So $50 for 25GB of data? Damn that is nice. Pity I still have nearly 12 months left on my current plan 🙁

      eBay is once again offering 20% off selected tech products

      As always people need to check out competing stores before buying one of these specials. I was looking at RAM and a couple other PC components and the Ebay stores are inflating they regular price before the discount is applied. When you take the discount off it’s basically the same price as getting it at Umart or MSY. On one item it was $3 more expensive, on another it was $3 cheaper.

      I’m sure you can get the odd bargain that saves decent money (ie: more than a couple dollars) just make sure you check some other prices and don’t get sucked into the “OOH 20% off, must be a bargain” mindset.

      • Yup, $50 for 25 Gb, unlimited calls and SMS’s. Old Virgin plan was $60 for 6 Gb combined with $20 off and +4 Gb offers. With rolling over, I usually had 16-18 Gb available at the start of a month. Functionally similar costs in the end, the $10 more is worth it for the phone.

        My main reason for getting the S9 though was that I needed a new phone. Old M8 had a non-responsive strip across its face, right where allow/deny was, so couldn’t update anything.

        I like to buy outright, with $700 being my line in the sand – cant justify spending $1200+ on a phone. Usually means I get last years model, something I’m content with. So having a current flagship model is a bit of a novelty for me 🙂

        • I’m assuming the deal requires you to buy the new phone? If I could switch to it while keeping my existing handset I’d consider the early exit fees (I’m paying $60 for only 6GB) but if I had to buy a new handset it’s not worth it unless I could sell my current S8+ to someone.

          Yeah I prefer to buy outright too. But when I looked at my habits a few years back I realised even when I bought outright I didn’t bother looking around to change plans and I held onto the phone pretty much till it died each time (2 -4 years) so what the hell – back on a contract.

          • Yeah, $700 up front, gotta port a sim into a new Telstra account. So there are some conditions. The $700 would be the kicker for most, but overall it was just worth it, at least for me.

            I was in the market, the price point was right where I wanted, and the contract really didn’t change over what I was paying now. Extra $120 over 12 months isn’t a biggie. Due date for payment is even roughly the same.

            And like you, I hold a phone until it dies. I expect 5 years out of this one, 3 years out of the HTC M8 was a little disappointing. Depending on which S8 you had, it looks like you’d get about $350 from a hock shop like CEX (thats for most of the 64 Gb’s), covering half that upfront cost.

          • Yeah I wouldn’t bother for that. There’s not enough upgrade to the S9+ to justify that. Not with the extra cost of getting out of my current contract. Maybe if I could squeeze out 3/4 of the price.

            I only expect 2 years from a phone but hope for more. Depending on the handset of course,. Some of the quality brands/models I’d want longer. Cheapies, well if they last their warranty I’d be happy.

          • Makes sense. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading from last years model anyway, for the reasons you list.

            But when you are ready, keep half an eye on JB anyway. They’re officially a Telstra branch, but have their own layers of offers on top, which often make the usual Telstra prices acceptable.

            Was just laying them out in the first story, while not really getting into the fine detail. $500 saving on a $1200 phone is a massive cost cut (~40% off for a 2 month old flagship), the rest was gravy but was what sealed the deal.

            I’m not sure I would have grabbed it if it had still been $60/month as that would have killed half that up front saving.

          • Yeah definitely. I wasn’t aware they offered extra saving on top of the Telstra ones so that’s a definite must watch (in about 12 months time).

          • @skrybe fun fact: I got home last night, checked my email, and the base Telstra offer was available by itself. $49 for 25 Gb, unlimited texts and calls. And there it was, on JB’s page, tucked away under phones –> Telstra hero offers, or something like that.

            I fell dirty pimping Telstra.

          • Ooh thats interesting. I’ll have to take a closer look at that.

            I know what you mean. I’m not a fan of Telstra, but lets face it, they do have the best network for coverage whether we like it or not. And if the price & features are good, well I’d consider them.

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