Microsoft Readies The Next Release Of Windows 10

Microsoft Readies The Next Release Of Windows 10

If you’re keen and want to get into the next release of Windows 10, sign up for the Release Preview ring and it will install to your system. The next release of Windows 10, dubbed the Spring Creators Update, adds a bunch of new features and improvements to the most widely used operating system for personal computers

The big UI change is support for Tabs within all apps. So, instead of each document occupying its own window, one window will show them all as tabs. And you can drag and drop content between tabs.

A minor, but welcome tweak, is the ability to see exactly how much battery life is left on Bluetooth-connected accessories as a percentage.

There are a bunch of fixes in this update as well, which you can read about on the Windows Blog.

If you want to access preview builds, You can do so by changing your Windows 10 settings and joining Microsoft’s Windows Insider program. You can do that by

  1. In Settings, go to Update and Security, Windowesd Update and then choose dvacned Options
  2. Under Get Insider Preview builds, click Get started
  3. Read the variuoius warnings that appear and, if you’re happy, click through
  4. Reboot when prompted
  5. Go back to the Get Insider Previews area again and choose what level of new builds you’d like.


  • Wow, this article left me so confused until I figured out it was just plain wrong.
    The Release Preview ring will get you the Spring Creators update, so the first paragraph is technically correct. But the features described in the rest of the article are part of the Skip Ahead ring for the next version of Windows after the Spring Creators Update.

  • I also second that there’s currently major factual errors with this article.

    The build that Microsoft is readying for release that’s currently in the Release Preview Ring is NOT the release that you’ve described.

    The Sets feature you’ve described (and that is documented in the release notes you’ve linked to) is in the Skip Ahead Ring, which is the preview ring for the release in September this year. That’s where the Sets feature is currently being worked on.

    The release that’s in the Release Preview ring that’s being readied for release contains the Timeline feature, a way to use the Windows 10 Task View functionality to go back in time and reopen previously worked on documents and activities.

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