Boost Your Confidence With These Daily Mood-Lifting Texts

Boost Your Confidence With These Daily Mood-Lifting Texts

We all have something about ourselves that we’re working on. Maybe you want to be more confident at work, or more positive. Or perhaps you’re having trouble accepting your body image for the time being, or wish you could be more present and appreciative of everything you have and the world around you.

A service called Shine is designed to help you work through all that — using text messages.

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Truth be told, it’s not something I would have ever considered, but in recent months I’ve had a number of friends from an assortment of different walks in life bring the service up as something that’s actually helped them a ton.

The way it works is pretty simple:

You sign up on the company’s website with your name and phone number and then specify what time of day each day you’d like to receive texts. The site says most people prefer it with their morning coffee, but I know a few friends that have picked options like the confidence texts to come in at lunch to help them push through the rest of the day.

Then like clockwork, you’ll get a text each day (Monday-Friday only) with something that’s meant to help improve your mood and your perception of yourself.

You can stop the service whenever you want if you decide the texts aren’t for you. I’ve been trying it out for the past week, and have, like my friends, actually found it to be pretty great and a decent way to kick off the day and set yourself up for success.

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