Tesla Looks To Be Building Another Giant Battery Pack In Australia

Tesla's 80MW PowerPack substation in Mira Loma, California. Image: Tesla

As reported by Bloomberg, and again by Electrek, Tesla is in the running to build yet another of its giant battery Powerpacks, this time in an attempt to bolster Queensland's power station output.

Tesla's first Powerpack of this kind was built in South Australia as a response to the State's withering power infrastructure, which was tested beyond its extremes thanks to some pretty intense storms in late 2016, and then abnormally high temperatures across the state in 2017, causing mass power outages across a widespread area.

Despite only being active for a short time, Tesla's big battery has already proven itself, injecting a large portion of energy into the grid mere milliseconds after a trip in the system raised alarm bells.

The report also mentions this new battery may well be the biggest of its kind, meaning it would surpass the 100 MW/129 MWh pack that was only switched on late last year.


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