Learn How To Prepare, Cook With, And Clean A Cast Iron Frying Pan

The cast iron frying pan is a fantastic tool for most stove-top cooking. However, like all the best tools, they can require a little extra care to get the most out of them. This video shows you the basics.

The video above, from BuzzFeed Tasty, shows you how to get started by seasoning your pan, which will help protect it from rust and give it a non-stick surface to cook on. It goes on to explain that you need to preheat your pan to get an even cooking temperature.

Note: the video incorrectly says that cast iron is a good conductor of heat, but the opposite is true. While it retains heat very well, it takes a while for heat to conduct through the entire pan, which is why it can heat up unevenly. Hence the need for preheating.

Cast iron frying pans can take a little more work than your average pan, but they will last forever and they’re versatile to work for nearly anything you need to cook on a stove top.

How To Cook With Cast Iron [Tasty]

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