How (And Why) To Replace Your iPhone Battery

How (And Why) To Replace Your iPhone Battery

Got an iPhone 6 or 6s? Chances are you’re dealing with a slightly slower smartphone thanks to Apple’s reveal that it was slowing down iOS devices affected by degraded batteries. The company has since announced it will offer battery replacements for iPhone 6 and later devices. But whether or not you’re a victim of some power management snafu, you should replace your battery anyway.

$39 for One Year Only

Apple’s battery replacement program isn’t new. You’ve always been able to replace an iPhone’s battery, though you needed to do it at an Apple Store (or mail it in) and pay $119. Apple’s recent $80 discount makes a battery replacement a more manageable $39, but for one year only. If you’re starting fresh in 2018, why not start with a fresh battery?

That $39 replacement can extend the usefulness of your iPhone for another year or two, saving you the trouble of needing to buy a new phone because your current one is slow. It will also boosts the resale value of the device, with customers more likely to buy a used iPhone with a newer battery compared to one with an original, degraded one.

Do It Yourself

Ambitious (or impatient) iOS owners may want to go the DIY route and replace it themselves. If that’s the case, they can turn to repair company iFixit, who has since discounted their iPhone replacement battery sets, bringing them closer to Apple’s own pricing. Whether it’s less expensive to go this route or send it off to Apple will depend on what model phone you have. Of course, you’ll have to, well, do the replacing yourself, and that will cost you your warranty. If you’re still ready to take the risk, be ready to buy a new phone if you fry something. It might be time to get one anyway, considering your bad battery.


  • Slightly slower? Since I upgraded to iOS 11 (big mistake) my phone (6 plus) is now 5 times slower. There’s no appreciable difference in the UI that could cause that type of slow down, it’s just dirty tactics by Apple to get you to upgrade. My battery may be getting tired, but it’s definately the upgraded OS that’s the cause of all issues. Everybody on old phones saw the change and there should be an ACCC investigation. P.S. Apple won’t let you roll back to iOS 10 … really dirty.

    • i’m with you for most of your thinking but not at 100%. first devices have a certain lifespan whatever you do they will degrade anyway. apple had make clear their decision to not allow downgrades, they did it since iphone 2g on ios 1.0 back in 2007. their goal is to have a compact echo system possibly on the latest ios which has the latest patches and security level.. and it’s not the UI that slows down the device .. it’s the background stuff.
      you should try android for some time and i’ll bet you’ll come back sreaming oh my god lol

  • I also have an iPhone 6Plus and the performance plummeted. Crashes and freezes since the upgrade because it is so slow.

    Worst of all is that my most used app – MetroView (satnav) is now unusable because the phone can’t keep up.

    This is the biggest insult so far from Apple, and there is a string of insults now. I was once a hardcore fan, a fanboy. Not anymore. I’m hating Apple and feel trapped because it is so hard to switch.

    There is no two ways about it, they may still be selling millions, but for me Apple today is not the same Apple we loved so much under Steve Jobs.

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