Dealhacker: Up To 90% Off Kogan Mobile Prepaid Plans

Dealhacker: Up To 90% Off Kogan Mobile Prepaid Plans
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Kogan Mobile’s prepaid plans provide some excellent value, big data deals and reliable coverage with Vodafone’s 4G network. If you’re looking for a new prepaid plan this month you’re not going to have to look for long – Kogan are offering up their prepaid plans for just $4.90.

For the entire month of October, Kogan mobile will be offering their 30 day prepaid plans for only $4.90, which is about the same price as a latte these days. The best value deal is the Extra Large prepaid plan, which usually costs $49.90, coming down to $4.90, offering that huge 90% off. The Extra Large plan comes with unlimited standard calls and texts and 16GB of data. But that’s not all. The deal extends to their Small, Medium and Large packages, which offer the same benefits but come with 1.5GB, 6GB and 11GB of data, respectively.

The catch is that this offer is only open to new customers, so if you’re already with Kogan, you won’t be able to cash in. Of course, subsequent recharges will also be charged at their usual rate, which means you will be shelling out $49.90 for the Extra Large plan once your 30 days is up.

Great timing on Kogan’s behalf, of course, with the Note 8 and iPhone 8 now out in the wild. If you’ve just gone and purchased a new device and are looking to jump onto to a Prepaid deal this month, it’ll be hard to look past this.

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