Teeth Whitening Gum Only Works If You Chew A Ton Of It

Teeth Whitening Gum Only Works If You Chew A Ton Of It

Are you only an occasional gum chewer? If so, and you figure it can’t hurt to pick up a pack of “whitening” gum, you should know that your teeth won’t get any whiter unless you’re constantly chewing the stuff.

Photo by David Streit on Unsplash

Take a look at that label — you’d need to spend a full hour of every day chewing this gum, just to notice a difference after three months.

Orbit doesn’t link to the study anywhere I can find, so we don’t even know how much of a difference those 84 hours of gum-chewing made. Did people’s teeth go from yellow to ever-so-slightly less yellow? Or was it the kind of change you can easily see in the mirror? Looks like you’ll have to chew 420 pieces of gum to find out.

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