Samsung Galaxy Note8 Plans: All The Major Telco Deals In One Place [Updated]

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The Samsung Galaxy Note8 will be romping into Aussie stores at the end of next month. So which telco has the best prices? Here are all the plans released thus far from Telstra, Vodafone, Virgin and Optus. (With more to come!)

Bear in mind that some Australian telcos have yet to release full plan details - the Note8 doesn't come out for another month, after all - but here are the details we know of at the moment. Naturally, we'll be updating this page once we find out more!

Telstra Samsung Galaxy Note8 Plans

Australia's biggest telco hasn't released its Note8 deals yet. You'll be able to pre-purchase the phone on a variety of Telstra plans from 5 September 2017. Presumably, we should get the plan details before this date, but the usual Telstra caveats apply: expect higher prices for less data but better reliability (allegedly).

You can find out more about Telstra's mobile plans here.

Vodafone's Samsung Galaxy Note8 Plans

Vodafone is currently offering the cheapest pre-order plans for the Samsung Galaxy Note8. The entry-level plan costs under $70 a month and includes a reasonable (for the price) 3GB of data. However, you're stuck on a 36-month contract rather than the usual 24, which obviously isn't ideal.

Vodafone also haa the most options, with no fewer than 27 plans to choose from. Here are the details. Here's the full list of plans.

You can find out more about Vodafone's mobile plans here.

Virgin Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Note8 Plans

Virgin is offering a range of plans between $80 a month and $110 a month. Data allowances start at 2GB and max out at 24GB.

You can find out more about Virgin Mobile's plans below.

Optus' Samsung Galaxy Note8 Plans

Here are Optus' Samsung Galaxy Note8 contract plans:

And here are Optus' Samsung Galaxy Note8 leasing plans:

You can find out more about Optus' mobile plans here.

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    That can't be right. Only $3/month more for the 12 month plan over the 24 month (6gb)?

    The best Optus plan, with 30Gb data, ends the day before Telstra announces their plans on 5th do I wait for Telstra (usually crap plans) or change carriers and go with Optus? Grrrr. I still have my Note 3 (still works great) but had ordered the Note 7, so I've been hanging out for the 8

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