Samsung's Galaxy Note8 Is Available Now!

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If you've already pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy Note8 or are planning to, Samsung has some good news for you: Due to unprecedented demand, telcos have agreed to send out pre-orders early. This means you should get your hands on the Note8 ahead of its September 22 launch date - if you don't have it already.

Samsung Galaxy Note8 pre-orders began shipping yesterday - four days ahead of its official release date. All pre-orders also come bundled with a free convertible wireless charger worth $119.

You can check out all of the available plans in the link below!

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Plans: All The Major Telco Deals In One Place [Updated]

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 will be romping into Aussie stores at the end of next month. So which telco has the best prices? Here are all the plans released thus far from Telstra, Vodafone, Virgin and Optus. (With more to come!)

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    You might want to mention the pre-order wireless chargers are by redemption, not actually bundled with the unit you receive.

    Last edited 19/09/17 10:25 am

    No update on my Optus preorder status

    Unless you're ordering through Telstra sadly when they tell you that they're being shipped FROM Sept 22nd and have no communications stating otherwise which means we'd never see it on launch day anyway. Yet your friend who got one through Vodafone has theirs yesterday. D:

    Mine was delivered late last night by courier.

    Source? I've spoken with Telstra and Optus and neither one of those is releasing prior to 22nd.

    Only Vodafone has shipped early. Nothing from Optus at all.

    I've got mine too, arrived this morning :)
    Love this screen.

    Mine just arrived at home from Optus a day earlier than was expected. Can't use it till I finish work though!

    I've also received mine from Optus earlier than expected. The redemption form for the charger went live today. I've already tempted to fill out the form only to find out that their Delivery Address look Up Field is not working, making it impossible to complete the form.
    Is anyone else out there having the same issue as me?

    Last edited 22/09/17 8:43 am

    It would appear that Samsung have now fixed the issue.

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