This Spreadsheet Contains Over 330 Programming Podcasts, Sorted By Popularity

Image: Patrick Breitenbach / Flickr

Good podcasts are hard to find, especially on the topic of software development. Fortunately, we have kind souls like Reddit user "mohamed3on" who are willing to curate the better ones and compile a list for the rest of us.

The list itself takes the form of a Google Docs spreadsheet. Note that the links are for individual podcasts, not specific channels and therefore cover a wide range of programming topics.

Here is mohamed3on's own explanation of the spreadsheet's contents:

...this is a list of popular podcast episodes that I've been compiling for a while, the popularity is determined by the number of shares an episode gets on Twitter (numbers gathered from BuzzSumo). Podcasts include most major ones (Changelog, ShopTalkShow, SE daily, JSJabber, JavaScript Air and much more).

He mentions that the numbers aren't "100 per cent accurate", but should give you a good idea of which podcasts to prioritise, if you're not sure where to start.

From what I can tell, the list continues to be updated, so be sure to give it a bookmark so you can easily check back.

Popular Programming Podcast episodes [Google Docs, via Reddit]


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