Aussie Companies Still Grappling With Cloud Strategy

Aussie Companies Still Grappling With Cloud Strategy

Research released by Pure Storage has found many businesses are moving workloads to cloud services but are struggling to optimise their strategy with on-prem still favoured by many businesses.

The Evolution report found that 57% of companies in ANZ, from a pool of about 9000 IT professionals in the Asia Pacific region that were surveyed, are deriving more than half their profits from digital streams. But, despite that impact on bottom-line business, more than two-thirds of companies put the responsibility for deciding where the tech should run solely in the hands of the IT team.

While survey found 40% of businesses favoured on-prem systems for applications and storage, public cloud, SaaS and private cloud all employed as well, more or less equally.

The main deterrent around moving purely to the cloud is security with 29% of respondents reducing their use of cloud technologies because of concerns about privacy and data protection.

The survey suggests businesses are still trying to find the balance between what systems and services are best for on-prem deployment, what sorts of cloud services make the best sense for specific workloads and how to better engage the business in those decisions.