Apps and Developers That Still Demand SMB 1 Support

Apps and Developers That Still Demand SMB 1 Support
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Following the WannaCry and Petya/GoldenEye/NoPetya ransomware events, you’d think software companies would be quick to remove the need for SMB 1. This was the protocol exploited by the malware developers that allowed those attacks to spread so quickly. Microsoft has released a lit of developers still demanding SMB 1 support.

Almost every major network and enterprise software vendor has something on the list, published on Microsoft’s TechNet blog.

Microsoft says the list is not comprehensive but they have provided an email address so new entries to the list can be submitted. The items on the current list, which will be updated as more apps are identified, explicitly note SMB 1 as a requirement but not all developers make this need clear,

The company also says SMB 1 will be removed from their products in upcoming releases – which should put some pressure on vendors to update their software.

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