How To Scam A 12-Day Easter Break Off Work

How To Scam A 12-Day Easter Break Off Work

For full-time Aussie workers, the Easter long weekend represents a much-needed respite from the daily grind. There’s only one problem: the break isn’t long enough.

If you have five annual leave days up your sleeve, it’s possible to scam 12 days off work by taking advantage of the Easter and Anzac Day public holidays. Here’s how.

The Easter public holidays fall on April 14 and April 17. The following Tuesday (April 25) is Anzac Day. By taking five days off work between 18 and 24 April, you will effectively be scoring 12 days off in a row – and it will only cost you five annual leave days.

We advise putting your leave request in with your boss asap. For more annual leave hacks, check out our guide below.

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  • Probably a bit late for the majority of us that need to request leave at minimum 1 month’s notice

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