3 Signs It May Be Time To Replace Your Refrigerator

3 Signs It May Be Time To Replace Your Refrigerator

A healthy refrigerator means healthy food, but if your produce looks a little droopy, and your cheese is growing mould a little too quickly, it may be time to get a new one.

Photo by Naika Lieva.

If you suspect that your icebox is starting to lose its chill, but aren’t totally sure, look for these signs to help you determine whether or not it’s time to say “goodbye”:

  • It’s loud: Though it’s normal for the motor to run every once in a while, it shouldn’t be constantly — and noisily — working to regulate the temperature. Unless you’re opening and closing your fridge every five minutes or so, it should stay pretty chilly in there without too much trouble.
  • It’s hot: Your fridge should be giving off a little bit of heat, but it shouldn’t feel hot to the touch. If there is an excessive amount of heat emanating from your refrigerator, it may be time to let go.
  • You’re throwing away a lot of food: If you notice that your perishables are fading more quickly than usual, that’s a problem. Not only are you wasting money at the grocery store, but your power bill might be suffering as well. A new fridge is a big investment, but it will say you money — and food — in the long run.

Also, keep in mind that these things aren’t meant to last forever. According to The Kitchn — which has even more ice box info in the link below — a fridge can last up to two decades, but can start to fade around the ten year mark, so keep an eye on yours if it falls within this age range.

5 Signs You Need to Replace Your Refrigerator [The Kitchn ]

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