AI Creating Ads – Another Human Job To Go

AI Creating Ads – Another Human Job To Go

While AI and bots have been successful in automating some of the more mundane and repetitive tasks in workplaces, many people have felt creative jobs were outside the capability of AI. But ad agency McCann Japan has created a bot that was able to direct a TV commercial – and beat human professionals.

The brief for the TV ad was given to the bot and to a team of humans. The two teams then produced an ad which was judged by a nationwide poll and by a panel of ad-industry experts. Here are the two videos:

Ad Number One (created by AI):

Ad Number Two (created by humans):

The results of the poll were interesting with the nationwide poll preferring the human ad (46%-54%) while the ad execs favoured the bot-directed commercial.

Of course, ad execs aren’t the target audience but it’s an interesting experiment that, I’m sure, will have creative folks wondering how long their jobs will be safe.