What Are Your Online Dating Dos And Don’ts?

What Are Your Online Dating Dos And Don’ts?
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With pretty much everyone looking for love on the internet what was once a brave new world is now routine, and we want to hear about your experiences. What are your dos and don’ts when it comes to online dating? What do you look for and what are the red flags?

We want to hear from your about your online dating tactics and tips. How do you choose a good profile pic? What stands out in other people’s pictures? Do you have a clever opening line when making first contact? Horror stories that have taught you what to avoid? Let us know in the comments.

Image by Denis Bocquet via Flickr.


  • Profile Picture and Gallery Pictures: Use a nice photo of you with a clear view of your face (Don’t use group photos as first impressions last and when someone can’t clearly identify you then chances are it’s a swipe to the left).
    If you are able to and aren’t body conscious, try and put a full height shot of yourself (nothing worse then being catfished).

    Description/Bio: Try and be funny and honest (if you are not looking for a relationship then be honest, no need to string someone along if you match).
    The new thing seems to be using emoji’s to make a nutshell about yourself… PLEASE DON’T OVER USE THEM!!!
    Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation is a must! Nobody want’s to read R U DTF or I wil rok ur wrld **planet emoji here**
    Another key point is be honest about things that might hold a potential partner/fling back (EG: You smoke, You have kids, You are turned off by smokers, etc).

    Matching: When you match with someone you can choose to either wait (which makes you look like you are either: Busy, pretending to be busy, don’t care or just swipe right randomly). Either way, try and get the conversation started with something as simple as “Hey ” or something more interesting like “Hey , what’s something that you have done that’s either random or a bit risky?”

    Keep the conversation alive!!!1!: If you want to keep the lines of communication open, remember to ask questions that keep the other person engaged and actively participating (you want to make it known that you are interested in them and that you actually want to chat and see where it leads to).

    Remember that these services are riddled with spam: Don’t let this put you off though. Such is life, where a con-artist can make a quick dime you best expect that they will try to make that dime!!
    As I said before, don’t let it put you off and as Dory said “Just keep swimming” (because there are plenty of fish in the sea).

    If it doesn’t work out then don’t stop looking: If you are actually interested in finding someone (for a fling, relationship, friendship), then don’t give up. If you don’t find someone right away it doesn’t mean you will never find someone. Broaden your search distance, age, etc.
    Nobody is perfect and no one comes without some form of baggage, so be understanding and accepting!

    TBH, I have been a big user of online dating and while I haven’t found “The One”, I have had long term relationships thanks to services like Tinder and Zoosk.

      • Haha, thank you for pointing out my rushed typing.
        I am not the grammar Nazi, but as the profile is set to impress others out there will pick at it (just like you did with my comment).

        Thanks again for spotting the one error in the entire post. I look forward to your additional contributions on this topic 😉

        • It was only pointed out in context of your own emphatic statement.

          To be nit-picky though, I pointed out a spelling error, and did not say anything about your grammar (where there are several issues), or point out the similar spelling errors in “want’s”, “emoji’s”…

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