The Simple Briefcase Bag

The Simple Briefcase Bag

Everyone needs a different load out for the day, but Everyday Carry reader rogeragne takes a simple approach with just a small bag and a handful of items.

The bag is a Briefcase Bags Vintage 668. Here's what's inside:

Our Featured Bag series shows the clever ways our readers carry their day-to-day gear.

All I need [Everyday Carry]


    I'm curious what kind of job this person has that requires them to carry two pocket knives? In any case, I'd be careful carrying even one:

      Especially that big one. If it is really an automatic pocket knife (the implication that it is auto opening) then it is totally illegal regardless of your reasoning to the inquisitive police officer searching your bag

      Given automatic knives are deemed illegal here, carried or not, it's definitely not an article suitable for the Australian market.
      But you raise a good question - why the hell would he/she need two knives ? I carry one almost every day, and have yet to find myself wishing I had just another one on hand.

      Then again, anyone who carries a Lumia 830 can't be taken seriously

      the website seems to have a lot of knife enthusiasts on it, probably just the crowd

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