Stick To The Thumbs-Down Button In Pandora To Get A Better Variety Of Music

If you’re tired of getting the same music recommendations from Pandora — or you just want a little more variety — avoid using the thumbs-up button and stick to skipping the tracks you don’t like.

As Reddit user neccoguy21 explains, when you use the thumbs-up button, Pandora tries to find you more songs like that one. However, when you use the thumbs-down button, Pandora avoids that song, but still tries to find music you might like from its vast, eclectic catalogue.

Overuse of the thumbs-up button can lead Pandora to funelling you into a narrow niche. Sure, you enjoyed the Metallica songs while you were listening to them, but you also like Frank Sinatra. While it’s not guaranteed to work 100 per cent of the time, avoiding the thumbs-up button can help Pandora avoid putting you in a box.

LPT: When using Pandora, never use thumbs up, only thumbs down. [Reddit via MakeUseOf]