Here Is A List Of Keyboard Shortcuts For When You're Wasting Time On YouTube

Image: iStock

Many of us spend a great deal of time on YouTube. Sure, there's a lot of educational content on the video sharing website but time is mainly wasted watching viral videos. You might as well make the most of it by learning some shortcuts that will save you time (so you can watch even more useless videos).

Hongkiat has made a list of over 30 keyboard shortcuts designed make your YouTube surfing experience more efficient. Shortcuts include:

  • F key to enter or exit full screen mode
  • End key to skip to the end of a video
  • 0 or Home key to restart a video
  • B key to change closed caption background colour
  • , key to move backwards per frame when a video is paused

Hongkiat has the full list here.

Try out the shortcuts when you're watching videos from our YouTube Roundup this afternoon.



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