Bible Verses Are Easy To Guess, So Don’t Use Them As Your Password

Bible Verses Are Easy To Guess, So Don’t Use Them As Your Password

As we’ve established time and again, your clever tricks aren’t protecting your password. If you or someone you know uses Bible references as a password, that trick is pretty easy to crack, too.

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Basing a password on a Bible verse — like using john316 or psalm23, for example — is a popular way to create a memorable password. An analysis of the 2009 Rockyou hack that revealed 32 million usernames and passwords found that various Bible verses accounted for a large number of passwords. As news site Boing Boing points out, these may be easy to memorise, but they’re also fairly easy to crack. Even if you’re not using a popular verse as your password, using the Bible as a template still gives hackers a way to guess what you’re doing:

An article in Christianity Today advises against using your “life verse” as a password, but fails to warn that other ways of turning verses into passwords — like using the first letter of each word in a verse — are also fairly weak, in that it is easy for computers to compile a database of all easily memorable passwords that could be constructed in this way.

If you study the Bible regularly, using verses or basing your password on a passage is tempting because you’re already memorising the text. However, remember that hackers can always figure out the patterns you’re using and they have a lot more collective time to devote to it. Instead, stick with using a password manager and passwords that hackers can’t guess.

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