It’s Official: Sydney’s Lockout Laws Will Be Watered Down Next Month (A Bit)

It’s Official: Sydney’s Lockout Laws Will Be Watered Down Next Month (A Bit)
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The mob spoke and the government (sort of) listened: from 2017, Sydney’s draconian lockout laws will be softened to allow people into bars until 2am. However, the relaxation of the rules will only be permitted under certain conditions. Here’s what you need to know.

The Baird government has heeded the suggested recommendations in a review of the laws by former High Court judge Ian Callinan. The new 2am curfew – 30 minutes later than the existing cut off – will operate as a trial for two years. Last drinks will also be pushed back 30 minutes to 3.30am and the statewide curfew on buying drinks to takeaway will be lifted from 10pm to 11pm.

Unfortunately, the new rules will not apply to all Sydney bars: to qualify, a venue must offer genuine live entertainment, live performances or “art and cultural events”.

According to the government, the lockout laws have resulted in a safer, quieter and cleaner city although many have criticised the laws for damaging Sydney’s nocturnal atmosphere and revenue. The slight adjustment is seen as something of a compromise.

“We are confident [the changes] will further enhance night-life in the precincts without undermining the essential purpose of the laws – which is to make the CBD and the Cross places where people can enjoy a safe night out,” NSE Premier Mike Baird said.

The changes to lockouts, takeaway sales, and small bars will start in January.

[Via Business Insider]


  • i honestly do not know why theres such a big fuss over the lock out laws ( and i will state that i 100% agree with shutting down the greyhound racing industry). all i see is people bitching about being unable to buy booze from nightclubs and pubs after 1am and you cant buy booze from bottleshops after 10pm.

    • Mainly because its dramatically affected the buisnesses and the nightlife there. Also the fact that the casino nearby (Which also happens to be a big contributor to the state Liberal party there) is exempt from the laws.

  • This is a massive blow for Keeping Sydney Open.

    People don’t seem to get what the lockout laws have done. The reduced opening hours have lowered the amount of revenue pubs & clubs are generating which means they are closing.

    So if you like going to the pub at 8pm and being tucked up in bed at midnight you are still affected – that pub can no longer afford to be open for you at all.

    It’s not killing the 3am trade, it’s killing the bars & clubs we have all been to at some point in our lives.

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