Gmail On Android Now Supports Rich Copy And Paste

Gmail On Android Now Supports Rich Copy And Paste
Image: Android Police

Sometimes it’s the small changes in an app update that are the best. In the case of Google’s official Gmail app for Android, copying and pasting media-rich content just got better. Rather than fail completely, Gmail should now properly handle the operation.

Android Police’s Cody Toombs noticed the following note in Gmail’s changelog:

You can now edit text in line or copy-paste content from the web while keeping the original text formatting.

What does that mean exactly? If you check out the lead image, put together by Toombs, you’ll see the difference between version 6.10 and 6.11. The latter handles the copy-paste action correctly, while the older build shows a rather useless green/blue square instead.

Certainly not world-changing stuff, but a nice improvement nonetheless.

Gmail v6.11 fully supports pasted content with formatted text and images [Android Police]

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