Where To Buy The Nintendo Classic Mini NES

Where To Buy The Nintendo Classic Mini NES

So you missed out on pre-ordering a Nintendo Classic Mini NES. Most people did; EB Games’ website crashed two days in a row under the sheer volume of gamers trying to buy the console online. The games retailer has sold out of the console yet again. If you still desperately want to get one, here are a few options you can resort to.

Online Auction Sites

This is the most obvious answer to those who have missed out on the Mini NES. The good news is, there are plenty of people flogging it on Ebay and Gumtree. The bad news is the console is being sold at inflated prices.

That’s to be expected. On Ebay, we’ve seen the Nintendo Classic Mini NES being sold for around $250 although some sellers are listing the item for over $300.

We’ve seen similar prices over on Gumtree. Some brazen sellers have even listed their Mini NES consoles for $400. Considering the Mini NES retails for $99, these prices may be hard to swallow.

So if you don’t mind paying through the nose for one, there are quite a few Mini NES units being sold on Ebay and Gumtree.

Please do exercise caution when you are buying off these websites. Somebody recently snapped up a Nintendo Classic Mini NES box for $100 on Ebay. Yes, just the cardboard box. We suspect that it could have been an accident so make sure you read the item description carefully on these online buying websites. It might be worth paying for the item through PayPal so you can get Buyer Protection.

Can I Buy It Overseas?

We’ve looked at overseas retailers as well and it appears the Mini NES drought is a global phenomenon. You can buy it off Amazon but prices are just as ridiculous as they are locally (even more so when you factor in shipping costs) and some stores on there don’t even ship to Australia.

Build Your Own

If you’re really desperate but don’t want to spend $250-$400 to get the Nintendo Classic Mini NES, you can build your own. What you’ll need is a Raspberry Pi and a 3D printed case. If you don’t have a 3D printer, maybe ask a friend nicely to borrow their unit. There are also 3D printing services you can call on for this project.

You can find the instructions for this DIY Nintendo Classic Mini NES here.

Did you manage to get your hands on Nintendo Classic Mini NES or put in a pre-order for one? Will you be trying your luck on online buying sites? Let us know in the comments.


  • Looks like Retropie might be the way to go. On eBay they are offering different models with basically all emulators & for a reasonable price, well more reasonable than someone trying to re-sell a Nes mini for over $300. They will release more next year, don’t buy one from EBay because it just feeds the problem.

  • I really wish people wouldn’t justify the scalpers by shelling out the inflated costs. Let them all sit in their houses full of stuff they can’t sell til they have to list for RRP and lose out with fees, that’d be nice.

  • So agree te scalpers!! What scum. I personally would happily wait till after Christmas as its not for a gift. Saw a few on ebay yesterday for $500 and one for $150 for an ‘NES box…..

  • Why not simply download the roms and use an emulator with a wired xbox controller. The people reselling these for $500 plus are simply sickening examples of scum trying to take advantage of people and I hope none of them sell.

  • Sniped 1 on Buy it Now for $145 USD from Portugal including cost of shipping!!! Hopefully it comes through lol but used paypal so im protected by ebay return policy

  • i remember tossing up if i was going to preorder one for 2 weeks when it was first announced before clicking the buy button, where were all these people back then lol? absolutely no hassle and i got it the instant it was available

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