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The nostalgia effect is powerful. If you’re still clinging to your old-school Nintendo Entertainment System (however you pronounce it) there’s no reason to let it collect dust in a closet or a forgotten corner of your home entertainment system. Your older gaming consoles will still work with your fancy new television, or even your sort-of new television; they just need a little TLC.


Sick of office workers taking up your valuable time? This retro-inspired (and not entirely serious) hack will put them on notice with classic video game tunes -- or any music of your choice.


How-to web site Instructables has a step-by-step guide detailing how to repurpose your classic (but broken) NES as a lunchbox. All you've got to do is gut your Nintendo's innards and add hinges (though a handle would be nice). You'll also need a Sasquatch action figure if the guide is to be believed, but I'm guessing you can get away without it.

Nintendo Lunchbox


Firefox only (Windows/Mac/Linux): The FireNes Firefox extension integrates over 2000 old-school NES games with your favourite browser. Once you install FireNes and fire it up (either through the Tools menu or the optional toolbar button), you can browse the enormous library of games in your Firefox sidebar and play any one of your 8-bit favourites at the click of your mouse.