Alert: Scammers Are Sending Fake AppleID Texts To iPhone Users

Some iPhone users have received text messages, purportedly from Apple, that claim their AppleID has been disabled. There’s a dubious link in the text that implores users to click it to unlock their accounts. We’ve confirmed that the link is malicious. Here’s what we know.

A spam text message to Apple iPhone users have reportedly been making the rounds, which look something like this:

Someone in our office received it too. It’s pretty obvious that its not a legitimate text from Apple given the weird syntax and shortened link. Just to be extra sure, we ran one of the links through Virus Total. Sure enough, four URL scanners came back positive showing that the link leads to a malicious or phishing website. You can check the results here.

If you did indeed receive this text, obviously don’t click the link and delete it. You might also wat to warn other people you know who use an iPhone to do the same.