Three Big Factors To Focus On To Save Money On Your Wedding

Three Big Factors To Focus On To Save Money On Your Wedding

We all know weddings can be crazy expensive. And while small stuff like decorations or favours can add up, there are a few main factors that will determine your wedding’s price tag more than anything. Photo by Robert Kintner

The average cost of a wedding in Australia is $36,200. That’s a lot of cash for a single day. Granted, it’s an important day, but Bankrate makes a good point: If you really want to trim your budget, these are the three areas you should focus on:

Your guest list: The number of people attending your wedding impacts everything from your rentals to your food. The fewer people, the cheaper everything else becomes.

Location: The cost of just about everything varies depending on your location — venue, entertainment, food, the list goes on. If you want to save a large amount of money, be strategic about where you choose to get married.

Time of year: When weddings are in demand, weddings will be more expensive. If you want to save cash, consider getting married off-peak.

It pays to focus your frugal efforts on the areas that will pay off most, and that’s sort of the idea here.

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  • tell every store, Flowers and Food store it’s for a Funeral or a Deb Ball. and save 25-50%

  • Don’t go the beverage package. Go the bar tab – it will end up cheaper as many people will only have 1-2 drinks, offsetting the cost of the drunkards.

  • Agreed.
    We had an bar option of a $40 per person for 4 hours (for 85 people it was $3400) OR a minimum bar tab of $1500.
    We chose the bar tab but kept cash handy to top it up in case. We never needed to top up at all, we actually had to encourage people to drink more and open up spirits.

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