The Cosy Corner Workspace

The Cosy Corner Workspace

Redditor chinatownrocks just built their first PC, and put together their first workspace! You wouldn’t know it by looking at these photos though — everything just works, and it’s a great package to inspire your own space. Here are some more photos.

Chinatownrocks notes that, to be fair, before these photos were taken they had just cleaned up and reorganized, but they were proud of their newly built PC and workstation, so they wanted to show them off. The photo above is of the whole setup, and the one below is an at-the-desk shot where you can see the inside of the case and its cable management, which is pretty sharp:

The Cosy Corner Workspace

As for what you’re seeing? From the Imgur gallery:

Case: Cooler master 5 Pro

CPU: intel I7 6700

Ram: 16gb Gskill

Heatsink: Cooler master Air Maker 8

GPU: Asus gtx 970 ( I took the sticker off from the bottom and placed it on the side. I also glued an aluminium peice to the side because i thought it looked plain.

PSU:EVGA 500 Bronze

Some red cabling to finish it off.

oh, and a Base set Charizard

See the Charizard? Anyway. Here’s a straight on view with nothing in the way:

The Cosy Corner Workspace

One thing I love about this setup though is that the lock screen has a Rainmeter clock on it, which is perfect for such a large display, and for a lockscreen. Reminds me of some of our featured desktops. If you’d like more details on the setup, what’s in it, and how chinatownrocks put it all together, check out the Imgur gallery and Reddit threads linked below. Give them an upvote when you go over too, would you?

My very first PC and Battlestation [Imgur via Reddit]

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